Step by Step Wholesale

As established Real Estate Investors, Danny and Nathan are looking to share their knowledge of the field with you. With their experiences, and knowledge of the career and products they have gained over the years, they want to help you to take a leap into Real Estate Wholesaling. The wholesaling market is an important step you should take in your future or current Real Estate Investing career.

Meet Your Mentors

Danny O’Bannon

Danny O’Bannon has been involved with real estate since he was in college at Eastern Washington University. He majored in business management and finance, with a minor in economics. With a passion for real estate he set out to purchase single family residential properties for redevelopment and long-term hold strategies. He has begun venturing into commercial real estate to broaden his knowledge.

Nathan McLeod

Nathan is the owner of McLeod Estates, a house flipping company. He is a co-owner of Call 2 Scale, Sell-it Simple, The Off Market Deals, Blue Bison Holdings, and Step by Step REI. As the operations expert, his strength is based around data comprehension, efficiency, and overall business growth. Through various entrepreneurial endeavors, Nathan has been an investor and consultant in various industries.

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